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  • Thor’s Hammer

    Published On: September 18th, 2023Categories: Meat

    This monster cut of beef is named after the mythological Norse God of Thunder. The shank is cut from the upper part of the cows leg and then the bone is Frenched. This is a culinary term used when you scrape the meat off the end of the bone so part of the bone is exposed. The cut really does look a bit like a hammer and I'm sure, if necessary could become quite a weapon. This cut weighs just over 4 lbs. 


Hi! I’m Cindy Rabbitt. I am a home cook and cooking is my passion. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. My Mom was the best baker I ever knew, and we spent a lot of time together in the kitchen. I truly believe food is love and nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing food with friends and family. Sharing recipes, techniques, food history and food origins makes me happy. Anyone can cook. It does not have to be difficult or complicated. I invite you to join me on a culinary journey. Let’s have some fun!

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