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  • Birthday Blitz!

    Published On: November 14th, 2022Categories: Meals

    We consider November 13th to be the 'kick-off' to the holiday season. It is my husband Jerry's birthday and I like to indulge him in lots of treats. This year's birthday dinner was... SALMON TERIYAKI This Teriyaki Sauce is good on so many different things. Sunday was Jerry's actual birthday, but we did the big birthday dinner Saturday night. On Sunday I made a bunch of game-day snacks to accompany our day of watching football. I glazed Rumaki's with the Teriyaki Sauce, which was really delicious (if you like chicken liver!), but that's for another blog. Here's how I made


Hi! I’m Cindy Rabbitt. I am a home cook and cooking is my passion. I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. My Mom was the best baker I ever knew, and we spent a lot of time together in the kitchen. I truly believe food is love and nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing food with friends and family. Sharing recipes, techniques, food history and food origins makes me happy. Anyone can cook. It does not have to be difficult or complicated. I invite you to join me on a culinary journey. Let’s have some fun!

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